Base conditions for worldwide investments

  The general information - system of the pointing investments is the not joint-stock form of organization and possession of a business. An object of possession is not the firm, as it is usual, and material object, which makes products or services. For example, printing house, packing shop, hotel, ship, trailer, etc. The income is distributed as a part of the cost price and part of a net profit, that does business more transparent than at the joint-stock enterprises. Dividends to the investors are charged depending on a total turnover of the goods or services, that allows the investors precisely to expect the income. And the internet of technology allows owned by the business at any angle of the world.
1-st stage - the Investor declares participation in any project, informing the manager of the project a method of obtaining to them of the subscription coupon: usual mail (coupon on a paper) or computer mail (coupon as the file). In the application, the scheduled amount of acquired shares of the project must be underlined. At the first stage, the Investor is acquainted with the information represented by the manager of the project in essence of the project and plans the size of the investments. By development of technology on-line of an investment, the managers of the projects can apply automated methods of a subscription, organization of payments and distribution of the incomes from the realized projects.
2-nd stage - the Manager of the project, by collects enough of the application forms for participation in the project, makes dispatch of the subscription coupons among the Investors. Subscription coupon is contained maturity, conditions for the Investor and payment essential elements of firm - Manager of the project or bank - agent ensuring the financial support of the project. For want of it, the bank - agent can supply the auxiliary conditions on the period of an accumulation of money resources of the Investors.
3-rd stage - Realization of the project according to the stated conditions by the Manager of the project. For want of it, all material assets acquired on a means of the Investors are their property. The full list of material assets (specification on the equipment, raw material, and materials) is published in the report of the Manager of the project accessible on the given site (+ on a site of the Manager of the project if such is present).
4-th stage - Realization of production or services stipulated data by the project. On the received income the income of the Investor (interest stipulated in conditions of the project and the subscription coupon) at once is charged. The given kind of income is not hereinafter used by the Manager of the project and is transferred to address the Investor monthly or quarterly.
5-th stage (variant 1) - Ending of the term of realization of the project. End of the planned project life cycle or the loss of commercial sense. The expiry date of the project can be linked to a specific date or a parameter turnover or volume of rendered services.
5-th stage (variant 2) - variant risk of completion of the project - if to the Manager of the project will be not possible to achieve the stated purposes of the project, it, for want of approach of term of the ending of the project or ahead of schedule (if default of the project will become obvious earlier), makes public sale of all material assets bought on a means of the Investors. The specification of sold assets and term of a beginning of sale also is published on the given site in the report of the manager of the project.
5-th stage (variant 3) - variant of creation of the joint-stock enterprise - Investors may be prompted to create the company. In this case, we are changing the obligations of the Project Manager for the shares of the newly created company. In this case, all the acquired tangible assets included in the assets of the newly created company. All further attitudes of the Investors from the joint-stock company are adjusted by the current legislation of the respective country.