We invite you to participate in the implementation of projects:

commercial and conceptual 

Cruise ship

  The construction of the ship is the long-term investment project, as the service life of tourist ships exceeds 30 years.

SUN portal

   One of the problems of civilization, which came to us with the
development of cities is the lack of sunlight interacting with the human
body, especially in northern areas.
   The most attractive may be the mechanism of transmission of sunlight through the fiber-optic cable that transmits the full range of sunlight. In addition to solar energy for the full sun, fiber optics and can transmit visible and infrared light to warm enclosed spaces.

Fund of scientifics programs

The main directions of research: Regenerative medicine (Cell technologies, Recovery, and Correction of DNA, Personalized wellness programs), Renewable energy, Ecology, Thin catalysis.

Irrigation system for forest. Ecosystem "City - Forest".

   Development of a new irrigation system. We consider a fundamentally new chemical and technological principles of irrigation to prevent forest fires. We invite researchers and organizations to discuss the safety and performance of the project.

   Ecosystem "City - Forest" is intended to maintain the air balance in the cities.

Production of natural gas from hydrates

   Reserves of gas hydrates on the ocean floor are difficult to determine exactly, but according to the median estimate, there are about 100 quadrillion cubic meters of methane. Thus, the gas reserves in the form of hydrates at the bottom of the ocean a hundred times more than the shale and conventional gas combined.

   Need to develop pilot plants to study the feasibility of extraction of natural gas from gas hydrates.

Research Center of Regenerative Medicine

Organization of the laboratory for the development and implementation of Regenerative Medicine techniques.  

Machine for patching road surface

Design and manufacture of a robot for the patching road surface. 

Factory Automation Systems

Fabrication of automation and processing technologies, including controllers, drive products, power distribution, electrical discharge machines, laser processing machines, computerized numerical controllers, industrial robots.